my college life

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I am so looking forward to my college life. I have pictured it thousands of times in my mind. The free lifestyle and lively parties are always appearing my mind. The great expectation of campus life endows me a lot of passion to keep study. After two years’ study, I would find my lifestyle.


The first thing for me is to learn more knowledge. Most students find a way to release themselves and skip or sleep in the class. They think study is just the task, so they give up improving themselves and take part in all kinds of activities, which bring them great joy. The wrong conception about college stage makes most students miss the best time to equip themselves with skills. I realize my job and dare not to loose study.


The second thing for me to learn is to make friends by joining activities. I am a shy girl, but inside my heart, I am so eager to make more friends, so I choose to join many activities in the spared time. I learn dancing and playing tennis. The lucky thing is that I know many nice people and we become good friends, who make my college colorful.



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